About the new EESS platform project

The Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) is a regulatory framework aimed at increasing consumer safety in household electrical equipment throughout participating jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand. The EESS is supported by databases for Responsible Supplier registration and equipment registrations, and facilitates public search for certain information relating to household electrical equipment.

Currently, there are a number of challenges with the databases and the EESS Standing Committee of Officials (SCO) is looking to enhance the databases with a much improved platform.

A broad range of stakeholders provided significant input into the gathering of the business requirements for the enhanced platform. Energy Safe Victoria, on behalf of EESS SCO, is now working with Pegasystems, the delivery partner selected by Tender Process, to build the new platform.

While the EESS is governed by an inter-governmental agreement signed by Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. Other jurisdictions are currently progressing towards implementation of the EESS. The EESS new platform will be available to all jurisdictions.