Recall guidelines

Important information for businesses relating to electrical product recalls can be obtained from the ERAC electrical safety recall guide for industry.

These guidelines are to be read in conjunction with Product Safety Recalls – a guide for suppliers from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) – on how to recall unsafe consumer products.

The majority of recalls are conducted voluntarily. It is a requirement that companies conducting a recall notify the ACCC. Companies must also notify electrical safety regulators in relation to electrical equipment recalls. If the recall occurs over multiple jurisdictions, it is acceptable for the company to choose one electrical safety regulator known as the ‘home regulator’ or ‘lead regulator’.

About product recalls

A list of electrical product recalls can also be found on the federal Product Safety Recall Australia website.

ERAC members consider that a recall is not complete until each and every affected item has been accounted for (repaired, rectified, retrieved or destroyed).

For a complete list of all types of recalls, visit the Product Safety Recall Australia website.