EESS Registrations Purpose

One of the features of the EESS is the creation of a registration database which is publicly accessible. The database contains:

  • details of Responsible Suppliers registered as manufacturers or importers of in-scope electrical equipment; and,
  • details of registered in-scope electrical equipment intended to be sold by the Responsible Suppliers.

Responsible Suppliers must ensure the safety of the electrical equipment sold on the Australian market. Responsible Suppliers must first register with the EESS before they can register or sell any in-scope electrical equipment. When registering with the EESS as a Responsible Supplier, a declaration must be made that equipment meets relevant standards and is electrically safe. Responsible Suppliers need to be registered before in-scope electrical equipment intended for sale can be registered.

It is a mandatory requirement that electrical equipment with the risk classification of medium (Level 2) or high (Level 3) is registered in the EESS Registration Database. Low risk (Level 1) electrical equipment is able to be registered, although this is not a mandatory requirement of sale. Medium (Level 2) or high (Level 3)

This allows Level 2 and Level 3 equipment to be easily traced to its supplier, acting as a gateway to the legal supply of electrical equipment in Australia.

Note: Registration of low risk (Level 1) equipment is voluntary but recommended as best practice by the EESS.

More about the EESS Registration Database
The EESS Registration Database is also a mechanism needed to meet the requirements for the use of the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). The RCM is used to indicate compliance with electrical safety regulations and is mandatory for in-scope equipment intended to be offered for sale in EESS participating jurisdictions.

A Responsible Supplier who is registered in the EESS Registration Database and meets all the EESS requirements can mark the product with the RCM and offer the product for sale in EESS participating jurisdictions.

Note 1: The RCM is also recognised by other jurisdictions not participating in the EESS.

Note 2: For a person (other than a Responsible Supplier) who is a manufacturer or importer of in-scope electrical equipment to sell in-scope electrical equipment in EESS participating jurisdictions, the equipment needs to be sourced from a Responsible Supplier registered with the EESS.

Note 3: For all ACMA regulatory arrangements, the compliance label is the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). The RCM replaces the A-Tick and C-Tick compliance marks used under previous regulatory arrangements. For more information on ACMA regulatory requirements click here.