A Certifier is a recognised body that issues Certificates of Conformity. Some authorised Certifiers can issue Certificates of Suitability.

A Certificates of Conformity is a certificate issued by a recognised body (outlined below) that claims the equipment meets the relevant standard. It is an independent expert review of the documentary evidence, and so provides a higher level of confidence in the veracity of evidence.

Under the Electrical Equipment Safety System the following bodies can issue certificates for In-scope electrical equipment:

1. Regulatory Authorities (RAs)

Australian and New Zealand government departments or agencies responsible for the administration of electrical equipment safety legislation and regulations, and who provide certification services. Such Regulatory Authorities will agree to appropriate standards of performance by self-declaring compliance. This declaration will be supported by existing government accountability measures such as financial and administrative standards, internal auditing procedures, and the oversight of respective Houses of Parliament.

Regulatory Authorities (RAs) that issue Certification

    • Electrical Safety Office (Queensland) – no longer issuing certificates.
    • Energy Safe Victoria – for all companies nationally and internationally
    • New South Wales Fair Trading – for all companies nationally and internationally
    • Office of the Technical Regulator (South Australia) – for South Australian companies only
    • Workplace Standards, Department of Justice (Tasmania) – for Tasmanian companies only

2. Recognised External Certification Scheme (RECS) that are:

    • Accredited by JASANZ;
    • Recognised by all Regulatory Authorities; and
    • Endorsed to issue Certificates of Conformity for level 3 equipment and Certificates of Suitability for level 2 and level 1 equipment which are recognised throughout Australia and New Zealand based on this accreditation and recognition, according to the Equipment Safety Rules.

Recognised External Certification Schemes (RECS)
For level 3 Certificates of Conformity and level 1 and level 2 Certificates of Suitability

All certificate details issued by a RECS in accordance with the Equipment Safety Rules are uploaded to the EESS Certification Database.

Some RECS have dual accreditation as REAS, it is recommended to specify you are seeking a certificate issued under the RECS scheme.

Note: Prior to 1 April 2019, Recognised External Approval Schemes (NSW REAS) could upload certificates details onto the National Certification Database for Responsible Suppliers to register equipment only for those equipment types in the NSW Government Gazette Declared Electrical Articles list. NSW REAS Certifiers are not recognised in the EESS to issue level 2 or level 1 electrical safety certificates. However, please see www.esv.vic.gov.au for any allowances for uploading, or adding modifications to, certificates issued by non-Queensland RECS certifiers or updates to their existing certificates as of 1 April 2019 and for after 1 October 2019.

Note: Certificates issued by a Regulatory Authority or by RECS are recognised in all participating jurisdictions and in New South Wales certificates for products listed in the NSW Government Gazette Declared Electrical Articles list.