EESS Registration Database

The EESS Registration Database functions as a gateway for in-scope electrical equipment certification in Australia and New Zealand and is established in electrical safety legislation and maintained by participating jurisdictions of the EESS. The Database is able to be accessed by the general public and electrical goods retailers.

The EESS Registration Database contains:

  1. Contact and other information relating to the Registered Responsible Supplier (local manufacturer or importer), including Responsible Supplier Declarations and Equipment Declarations. This information is recorded on the database but not viewable publicly.
  2. Details of in-scope electrical equipment categorised as Risk Level 1 and voluntarily registered by the Registered Responsible Supplier.
  3. Details, including the brand and model number, of in-scope electrical equipment categorised as Risk Level 2 & 3.

As part of the registration of electrical goods process, Responsible Suppliers also make a declaration that the equipment they sell meets relevant standards and is electrically safe.


The EESS Certification Database records certificate details of Level 3 equipment (including electrical equipment ‘families’ and electrical equipment). A valid Certificate of Conformity is required before the product can be registered by a Responsible Supplier.

Voluntary Certificates of Suitability for Levels 1 & 2 equipment will also be available on the EESS Certification Database  where they have been issued by a Regulator or a Recognised External Certification Scheme (RECS).

Note: The Registered Responsible Supplier of Level 2 equipment is required to hold a Compliance Folder. This can be either uploaded onto the database or, if the compliance folder itself is not uploaded, then at least the physical location of the folder shall be entered onto the database and be made available within 10 days upon request by a Regulator.

Participating Regulatory Authorities (RAs) and approved certification bodies have greater access to information than RRS and the public in order to exercise regularly or statutory functions.

The EESS Database allows:

  • Regulatory Authorities (RAs) to access for information required for market surveillance and when responding to complaints about unsafe electrical equipment and exercising judicial powers when conducting compliance activities.
  • Regulatory Authorities (RAs) and authorised certification bodies the ability to upload certification details of In-scope electrical equipment.
  • The supply chain (wholesalers, retail, suppliers) of in-scope electrical equipment the ability to ensure that they are sourcing goods from Registered Responsible Suppliers (on-shore manufacturers and importers)
  • Members of the public have the opportunity to verify compliance with the safety requirements of goods they have purchased.