Applying for Certification (QLD, VIC, SA & TAS only)

Often, OEM manufacturers already have valid recognised certificates for the Australian market. You should check any certificate is valid on the public search facility found here. But where a Responsible Supplier needs to obtain their own certificate, care should be taken to select a certifier who can supply the correct type.

Both, Certificates of Conformity and Certificates of Suitability can be issued by all Regulators and all RECS, while REAS can only issue certificates for those types in the NSW Government Gazette Declared Electrical Articles list.

Applying for a certificate from the Victorian, South Australian or Tasmanian Regulator can be made through an online application facility available on this website. Quick Reference and Video Guides for the certification system can be found here.

People wishing to make applications for Certificates of Conformity to these certifiers may do so by logging into the EESS Certification Database via the login facility (left of screen) and selecting the certifier of their choice during the application process (Workplace Standards Tasmania only accept applications of companies located in Tasmania).

Applications for certificates from RECS and REAS should be made directly to the certifier.