EESS regulators may prohibit the sale or use of in-scope electrical equipment on safety grounds. These prohibitions apply to equipment regardless of the certification or registration status. Responsible suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and householders should take note of the prohibitions issued as they relate to safety issues. Failure to comply with a prohibition may result in enforcement action. Prohibitions issued will be listed on this website for information, however, any inquiries should be addressed to the regulator agency who issued the prohibition.

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has issued a 10-year prohibition for Compact RCBOs.

The 10-year prohibition supersedes the two previous one-year prohibitions and requires Compact RCBO covered by the prohibition to comply with additional requirements outlined in a test method available online. The importer or onshore manufacturer is responsible for ensuring compliance with the test method.

If a Compact RCBO covered by the prohibition has not passed the tests and been included on the list published on ESV’s website, it cannot be supplied or installed.

The prohibition applies to all DIN rail mountable Compact RCBOs, even if they are integrated into other electrical equipment such as preassembled switchboards.

The prohibition does not apply to Compact RCBOs that are greater than 110mm in length (excluding any external clips) and Compact RCBOs that have a short circuit breaking capacity of 10kA or greater.

However, DIN rail mountable RCBOs that are marked or marketed as being for household or residential use are covered by the prohibition, regardless of their length or short circuit breaking capacity.

The prohibition only applies to Compact RCBOs that are DIN rail mountable.

The prohibition also does not apply to Portable RCDs (PRCDs) that comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 3190.

Follow the links below for further information on the prohibition.

The Electrical Safety Office Queensland (ESO) has issued a prohibition to prevent the sale or use off a ‘mist’ fan commonly used in cafes, restaurants and on home veranda’s effective from 9 June 2020. The fan contains water at the base which is then pumped up the fan and dispelled creating a misting effect. The fan has a cord from the supporting body of the fan to the fan motor that can be unscrewed which has three pins that potentially could be live at 240VAC and if touched may give an electric shock.

The prohibition of the sale of use of the mist fan under the Queensland Electrical Safety Act 2002 was made by gazette notice on Tuesday 9 June 2020. The fan does not comply with the safety criteria in AS/NZS 3820 (Essential safety requirements for electrical equipment), and the gazette prohibits the sale or use by any person of:

  • Fan (Misting fan)
    • Brand name: Coolmate Group Limited
    • Model numbers: DB-26CF01; DB-26CF02; DB-26CF03;
      DB-26CF05; DB-26CF06; DB-26CF08; DB-18; DB-20;
      DB-26; DB-30;


  •  Any type of misting fan with a construction that includes external connectors, for interconnecting cables between different parts of the fan, that when disconnected without the aid of a tool exposes a person to live parts, and therefore a risk of electric shock.

The gazette notice can be found here 09.06.20 – [38] Extra Gazette