Level 2 – Electrical Equipment

All Level 2 in-scope electrical equipment offered for sale must be registered by a Responsible Supplier with the EESS and be marked with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) in accordance with AS/NZS 4417.1. Only Responsible Suppliers who are registered can sell in-scope Level 2 equipment. Registration of Level 2 equipment will attract a registration fee.

Mandatory registration of Level 2 equipment

To sell in-scope Level 2 equipment in EESS participating jurisdictions the following is required:

1. The Responsible Supplier is registered in the EESS Registration Database.

1.1 Responsible Suppliers must provide a declaration that all equipment they are supplying meets relevant standards and is electrically safe.

1.2 Register all Level 2 equipment (or families of equipment) with the EESS.

1.3 Provide an Electrical Equipment Declaration Level 2 which confirms:

i. the location of the Compliance Folder

ii. the Compliance Folder will be kept current for the life of the registration

iii. the Compliance Folder will be made available to regulators upon request within 10 business days

Note 1: The Compliance Folder must be retained by the Responsible Supplier for five years after the term of registration for the equipment ends.
Note 2: The Compliance Folder may be kept electronically on the EESS Registration Database.

iv. the equipment meets relevant standards and is electrically safe.

Note 1: There is an exemption from registration for plugs, cords and plug/cord/connectors (cord sets) sold as an integral part of other equipment). However, current, valid Certificates of Conformity must be held by the responsible supplier.

2. Pay the required registration fee. For the current fee schedule click here.

3. The Level 2 equipment is marked with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM). For more information on labelling of items with the RCM click here.

Note 1: Holding a Certificate of Suitability for Level 1 is voluntary.
Note 2: If the Level 2 equipment holds a valid Certificate of Suitability listed in the EESS Certification database from a recognised certifier, the single type or family can be retrieved by entering the Certificate of Suitability reference number.
Level 2 equipment can be registered for a period of 1, 2 or 5 years starting on the date of registration.
Additional information on registering Level 2 equipment can be found in the Registration Applicant Guide.
The EESS Registration Database will generate a unique searchable identifier number (Equipment Number) with the following format: first digit the letter “E” followed by a 10 digit number (e.g.: E1234567890), which may assist you in keeping track of equipment registrations.

Important Notice: Registration of In-scope Level 2 or 3 electrical equipment as Level 1 is not permitted and could result in penalties.