Ministerial Oversight Committee (MOC)

The MOC comprises of the responsible Ministers from each of the participating jurisdictions and are the national policy and governance body for the EESS.

Currently Ministers from the following participating jurisdictions have joined: Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Their responsibilities are:

  • overseeing the legislative and regulatory framework for the EESS;
  • overseeing the funding arrangements for the EESS, including agreement of change of fees over and above any increase arising from the Queensland Government indexation policy as published by the Queensland Department of Treasury and Trade in the Queensland Government Gazette from time to time;
  • approving changes to the IGA;
  • overseeing national and policy governance relating to the EESS;
  • overseeing the Standing Committee of Official’s (SCO) management of the EESS;
  • approving changes to the EESS Law, including for example, but not limited to, changing the number of risk categories (currently three) or registration requirements provided by the EESS;
  • functions that are conferred by this Agreement; and
  •  other functions as required from time to time.