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New EESS platform FAQs

As we progress, we will continue to update this page with the most frequently asked questions.

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FAQs about system

The technology the Certification and Registration databases sit on is well over 10 years old and its ability to support all our needs is limited. Users want an easier to use system and administration requirements have evolved. It is essential that we have a platform that meets all those needs. This will improve security, functionality and use-ability – for certification, registration processes and information sharing between regulators and industry.

Yes – The Certification and Registration databases will remain separate. However, with the new platform, the Certification and Registration application and dashboard processes will be overlaid with common features and look and feel, to provide a consistent and easier to use experience for all users.

No – Part of the common features overlay will enable a single log-on where you have both certification and registration applications or existing records to maintain.

The platform’s new look and feel will include clearer key steps in a process, so you will know where you are and what to do next. There will also be tips and other relevant information built directly into the system, providing contextual help for what you are doing at that point.

FAQs about process

No – The new platform will not affect the Electrical Equipment Safety System, the platform is a tool to support legislative requirements.

Yes and No – The fundamental requirements of each process will be similar. However, the intent is to improve the rigour of the platform and its useability. This means some process steps may be simplified while others may require more input.