Level 1 – Electrical Equipment

Level 1 equipment can only be offered for sale by a Responsible Supplier registered on the EESS database and marked with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) in accordance with AS/NZS 4417.1.

To sell in-scope Level 1 equipment in EESS participating jurisdictions, the following is required:

1. The Responsible Supplier is registered in the EESS Registration Database.

1.1 Responsible Suppliers of Level 1 equipment must provide a declaration that all equipment they are supplying meets relevant standards and is electrically safe (for more information to become a registered Responsible Supplier see here).

1.2 Responsible Suppliers must hold and have ready access to evidence the equipment meets relevant standards and is electrically safe. This evidence must be made available to regulators upon request within 10 business days. Examples of documentary evidence include manufacturer’s test reports, test reports conducted by an independent testing laboratory or a valid Australian Certificate of Suitability.

Note: There is an exemption from registration for plugs, cords and plug/cord/connectors (cord sets) sold as an integral part of other equipment). However, current and valid Certificates of Conformity must be held by the Responsible Supplier.

1.3 This evidence must be retained by the Responsible Supplier for five years from the date the equipment type is last imported or manufactured by the Responsible Supplier.

1.4 Level 1 can be listed in the EESS Registration Database, however registration is voluntary. Note: Holding a Certificate of Suitability for Level 1 equipment is voluntary.

2. The Level 1 equipment is marked with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) in accordance with the requirements listed in AS/NZS 4417.1 & AS/NZS 4417.2. For more information on labelling of items with the RCM click here.

For more details on registering Level 1 equipment click here.

Highly Recommended:

Although a Compliance Folder is only mandatory for Level 2 equipment, it is highly recommended the Responsible Supplier maintains a Compliance Folder for Level 1 equipment.

Voluntary registration of Level 1 electrical equipment:

Only Responsible Suppliers can voluntarily register in-scope Level 1 electrical equipment onto the EESS Registration Database. Listing Level 1 equipment on the database improves marketability of equipment by being searchable on the publicly accessible database.

The Responsible Supplier can manually register the following information for each Level 1 equipment:

  • “brand” (tradename)
  • “type”
  • models (optional).


  • for registration of multiple products on the EESS Registration database you can upload using a CSV file.
  • If the Level 1 electrical equipment holds a valid Certificate of Suitability listed in the EESS Certification Database and issued by a Recognised Certifier, the single type or family can be retrieved by entering the Certificate of Suitability reference number.

Additional information on registering Level 1 equipment can be found in the Registration Applicant Guide.

Important Notice:

Registration of In-scope Level 2 or 3 electrical equipment as Level 1 is not permitted and could result in penalties.

Note: Applicants for a certificate may need to engage the services of a consultant (who meets the definition of a Suitably Qualified Person in the Equipment Safety Rules) to assist them in compiling appropriate documents required to make an application for certification. This may be necessary where the applicant for certification is not aware of the requirements or technical detail of information required to be supplied to obtain a certificate.