SCO News

This page will provide any updates relating to the Standing Committee of Officials (SCO) including any progression of the EESS as well as communiqués released following SCO meetings.

This communiqué highlights key issues discussed from the second meeting of the SCO and other jurisdictions on 30 September 2019.

Meeting 2 Communiqué – 30-09-19



The progression of the EESS has resulted in an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) being developed for signing by participating jurisdictions.

The IGA provides the governance oversight of the EESS by the relevant Ministers responsible for electrical equipment safety in each jurisdiction. As each Minister signs the IGA they become part of the Ministerial Oversight committee (MOC) and appoint a representative on the Standing Committee of Officials (SCO) to ensure the further development and day to day operation of the EESS has appropriate government oversight.

With the signing of the IGA by Queensland, Western Australian, Victorian and Tasmanian Ministers, the EESS moved from oversight by ERAC to oversight by the MOC and SCO. As Ministers from more jurisdictions sign the IGA they too become part of the governance oversight of the EESS.

While the registration and certification databases can still be accessed on the ERAC website, all up-to-date information relating to the EESS can now be found on the EESS website.