EESS Certification Database

The EESS Certification Database is a central online system for identifying all certificates of electrical equipment issued under electrical safety laws in Australia.

To verify your product has a valid certificate, click here to search the EESS Certification Database.

The EESS Certification Database lists all certificates issued by electrical safety regulators in Australia and New Zealand as well as certificates issued by private certification bodies that operate in accordance with the Equipment Safety Rules.

The EESS Certification Database has an associated on-line application facility. This online process has been adopted by Energy Safe Victoria, Queensland’s Electrical Safety Office and Workplace Standards Tasmania. People wishing to make applications for Certificates of Conformity to these certifiers may do so by logging into the database via the login facility (left of screen) and selecting the certifier of their choice during the application process (Workplace Standards Tasmania only accept applications of companies located in Tasmania).

Note 1: Not all certificates from Regulatory Authorities and private certification body are currently listed on this database; EESS have made access to the database, to upload certificate details, available to certifiers who that have signed the ‘deed of access’.

Note 2: Certificates added to this database can be used to register Level 3 equipment to meet requirements. The EESS has been, or is being, adopted by all States and Territories of Australia, with the exception of New South Wales.