Not In-scope Electrical Equipment

The EESS is only intended to capture electrical equipment that is for household, personal and similar use.

Electrical equipment exclusively for commercial, industrial, medical, extra low voltage (operating below 50V AC RMS or 120V ripple-free DC) and high voltage (operating above 1000V AC RMS or 1500V ripple-free DC) is defined as not in-scope.

Responsible Suppliers of electrical equipment that is not in-scope under the EESS definition, do not have to register, or register equipment in the EESS Registration Database.

Note: The supplier of electrical equipment that is not in-scope still has responsibility to ensure the equipment is electrically safe. This is achieved by meeting the essential safety criteria of AS/NZS 3820, essential safety requirements for electrical equipment which requires the supplier to hold evidence of compliance to the relevant standard.

Examples of equipment which is not in-scope could be a commercial bakery oven, cash register or mobile phone (please note that the mobile phone ‘charger’ is in-scope equipment Level 3 under – Power supply or charger).

More information for Not In-Scope electrical equipment safety criteria please see here.

Note: Not in-scope electrical equipment may be required to comply with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). For more information on ACMA’s requirements contact ACMA at