Authorised Officer

Authorised Officer – A Director of a company or a senior member of the staff of a Responsible Supplier who has delegated responsibility from management for electrical safety and/or regulatory compliance. This person will be the contact for regulators in the event of issues with product.

The Authorised Officer is responsible for all matters relating to registration of both the Responsible Supplier and electrical equipment. The Authorised Officer will be responsible for, and on behalf of, the Responsible Supplier to:

a) Make the Responsible Supplier’s Declaration;

b) Pay the annual registration fee;

c) Maintain appropriate records, or make such records available for inspection, for:

i. Level 1 equipment, evidence of compliance with the relevant standard.

ii. Level 2 electrical equipment, the Compliance Folder; and

iii. Level 3 electrical equipment, the Certificate of Conformity (CoC); and

d) Notify changes to registration details.