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In-scope Electrical Equipment

A: To determine whether your electrical equipment is In-scope, see the EESS website (www.eess.gov.au), see section “In-scope” which has recently been developed with improved information on this topic. You may also wish to consider engaging a specialist consultant or speak to a RECS.

A: All electrical equipment being sold must be electrically safe. This generally means you need to demonstrate your equipment meets the relevant Australian Standard. For more detail on electrical equipment which is not In-scope, see section “In-scope” in the EESS website for more detail (www.eess.gov.au)

Registration of a Responsible Supplier and Authorised Representative

A: Your user ID is:

For a Registered Responsible Supplier: It is a 1 to 4 digit number with an E prefix (e.g. E1234). This is listed on the initial registration email.

For an Authorised Representative: It is the username which you choose at time of registration. This is listed on the initial registration email.

A: If you have forgotten your password or your password is not letting you access the site, you are able to reset this using the ‘forgotten password’ function on the login screen. Go to (https://equipment.erac.gov.au/Registration/) click ‘Registered User Login’ (next to the work Login) click ‘Forgotten your password. Click here.’

Note: If you are unsure of your username (eg E9999) or you have a new email address, you will need to call EESS admin for assistance on the contact us tab.

A: There are a number of possible reasons:

  • You may be attempting to register as a new Responsible Supplier, rather than logging in. Please use the ‘Registered User Login’ option of the main screen to login using your existing details.
  • Someone else in your organisation may have already registered.
  • Someone has accidentally, or purposely misused your ABN.

You can conduct a search for responsible suppliers and enter the ABN to check who has used the number. Please contact the EESS admin team if someone else has used your ABN.

NOTE: If your company name has changed, please contact the EESS admin team. Details can be found under the “Contact Us” tab.

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A: An applicant guide has been developed to assist users with registering as a Responsible Suppler in the EESS Registration database. Once registered, an email will be sent to the nominated email address with details of the Registered Responsible Supplier (RRS) number and a temporary password. Additionally, the EESS website has improved information on how to register, see www.eess.gov.au.

The Applicant Guide can be located under the tab “Quick Links” ???? “Applicant Guide” on – https://equipment.erac.gov.au/Registration/Default.aspx

A: The Electrical Equipment Safety System will only apply to what is classified as In-scope electrical equipment.

Where a general member of the public can purchase the electrical equipment and use it in a domestic environment (including equipment that is part of a domestic installation), then it would be classified as In-scope electrical equipment.

Whether electrical equipment is In-scope or not, the equipment is still required to be electrically safe.

Note: Commercial equipment may require registration by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) which is unrelated to electrical safety requirements. For more information on ACMA’s requirements, it is recommended you contact the ACMA: www.acma.gov.au to confirm what, if any, requirements ACMA have for your equipment. For more information, see not In-scope.

A: A Responsible Supplier is a person situated in Australia or New Zealand who, for the purpose of sale, is either an on-shore manufacture OR imports In-scope electrical equipment from overseas.

An Authorised Officer is a Director or senior officer of a Registered Responsible Supplier who has delegated responsibility from management for electrical safety and/or regulatory compliance and to make the initial Declaration required by the EESS. NOTE: The Authorised Officer should does not need be registered as an Authorised Representative for the same Responsible Supplier. An Authorised Representative is not mandatory/required.

An Authorised Representative is a person that has written permission to act for, or on behalf of, the Registered Responsible Supplier to register In-scope equipment (level 1 to 3). NOTE: The Authorised Representative may be a facilitator/consultant or a Certifier, or even an employee within the Responsible Supplier company.

A Certificate Holder is any person who obtains a Certificate from a Certifier.
NOTE: A Certificate Holder may be located in an economy other than Australia and New Zealand.
In this section—a person means, a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU)

A: The current fee to become, or renew a Registered Responsible Supplier (RRS), and the fees for registering In-scope level 2 and 3 equipment can be located under registration fees.

Equipment Registration

A: The current fees to register a new, or renew an existing levels 2 and 3 equipment registration can be located under registration fees.

In-scope electrical equipment classified as In-scope level 1 is free to register/list on the EESS Registration database.

A: If it’s a NSW Fair Trading issued certificate, please contact EAS@oir.qld.gov.au. For any other certificate, please contact the issuing certifier directly for password assistance.

Please note that the certificate holder has the ability to lock their certificates. It is an expectation the responsible supplier will have a working relationship with the certificate holder.

A: When entering the certificate of conformity number, press retrieve to bring up the password lock field. Enter the password and press retrieve again to unlock the certificate. See the Applicant Guide for more detail.

A: To add new model numbers to an existing registration, please use the ‘Update Equipment Registration’ option under the ‘Equipment’ tab. The new models will be available to select and save to your registration. See the Applicant Guide for more detail. Note: where a certificate exists, eg a Level 3 certificate of conformity, the new models must be added to the certificate by the issuing certifier, prior to trying to add to the registration.

A: Please ensure it is on the certificate of conformity/approval. If not, please contact the certificate holder or the issuing certifier to have it modified to be included. If it is on the certificate, please check the National Certification Database to ensure it has been uploaded.

If it is on the certificate and on the National Certification Database, please contact the Helpdesk.

A: If you supply equipment only within NSW, you do not require to register with the EESS.

At this point in time, New South Wales has not decided either way if they will adopt the EESS. However, the EESS has been enacted in Queensland, is the adopted method in Tasmania, and applied in Western Australia. EESS legislation was passed by the Victorian Parliament on 7 September 2018, with the provisions relating to the sale of electrical equipment in Victoria coming into effect on 1 April 2019. So to sell equipment nationally, you need to comply with the EESS.

Note: NSW do not automatically upload certificates to the EESS certification database. If the NSW certificate for particular equipment is listed on the EESS certification database, it can be used by the Responsible Supplier to register the In-scope level 3 equipment. If the NSW certificate details are not listed on the EESS certificate database, you can request it be uploaded by contacting the Queensland Electrical Safety Office via email, eas@oir.qld.gov.au. Some additional information will need to be supplied to enable the certificate detail to be added to the national certification database.

Safety Requirements - Certification

A: You should first search the Certification Database located here. If the certificate is not there, please contact the issuing certifier in the first instance.

A: Compliance Folders are only mandatory for In-scope level 2 equipment. However, they are recommended for In-scope level 1 and 3 also. See the EESS website for more detail (www.eess.gov.au)

RCM and Markings of Compliance

A: Once you are registered as a Responsible Supplier, you are authorised to mark your In-scope level 1 equipment with the RCM. You must register any in-scope risk level 2 or 3 equipment before you can mark that equipment with the RCM. Equipment is registered in families, which generally is the same as those models captured on one certificate. That is, each family of product is one registration and one fee. However, each model number must be listed on the registration. See the EESS website for more detail (www.eess.gov.au).

A: For information relating to the marking/labelling of an electrical product, see marking requirements.