Standing Committee of Officials (SCO)

Under the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA), the Ministerial Oversight Committee (MOC) is the national policy and governance body for the EESS. The MOC has oversight for the legislative framework, funding arrangements and all aspects of the EESS.

The Standing Committee of Officials (SCO), established by the MOC in the IGA is a collaborative governance forum responsible for managing and coordinating the day-to-day administration and operation of the EESS.

The functions of the SCO include managing and coordinating the day-to-day administration and operation of the EESS, including:

  • managing the operation of the EESS;
  • appointing a secretariat (the SCO Secretariat);
  • managing the funding arrangements for the EESS;
  • managing the EESS National Database (including processes for hosting, maintenance and funding);
  • liaising and collaborating with relevant industry and community stakeholders on the implementation and operation of the EESS;
  • reviewing and developing the EESS Law and supporting Uniform Equipment Safety Rules for approval by MOC;
  • reviewing and endorsing any proposed changes to AS/NZS 4417;
  • reviewing and endorsing determinations, modifications, exemptions and guidelines under the EESS;
  • implementation of any national policy and governance decisions made by the MOC;
  • undertaking such activities as directed or requested by the MOC from time to time;
  • reporting and making recommendations as required to the MOC and providing recommendations regarding the EESS and Uniform Equipment Safety Rules and any other relevant matters;
  • functions conferred by this Agreement; and
  • such other functions as required from time to time.

The IGA states that the SCO is comprised of officials from each of the participating jurisdictions.

The current participating jurisdictions include: Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

New Zealand formally recognises the EESS as a means of meeting New Zealand requirements and is actively participating in SCO discussions.

Other jurisdictions are currently progressing or considering implementation of the EESS.