Certificate of Suitability

A Certificate of Suitability is voluntary and can be issued for in-scope electrical equipment risk Level 1 or Level 2 equipment. Certificates can be used to assist the responsible supplier in compiling suitable documentation to show they meet the requirements.

Certificates of Suitability can be issued by Regulatory Authorities (RA’s) and Recognised External Certification Scheme (RECS) in accordance with the Equipment Safety Rules (the process and requirements are the same as for issuing a Certificate of Conformity for Level 3 equipment).

Certificates of Suitability issued by Regulators or RECS are uploaded to the EESS Certification Database for use by responsible suppliers.

To verify your product has a valid certificate, click here for the public search.

Note: Not all certificates from Regulatory Authorities and private certification body are currently listed on this EESS Certification Database; EESS have made access to the database, to upload certificate details, available to certifiers who that have signed the ‘deed of access’.