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The Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) can be found here.

The IGA details the arrangements for the implementation and administration of the EESS. Parties to the IGA are the Ministers responsible for electrical equipment safety in each participating jurisdiction (responsible Minister).

The objectives of the IGA are:

  • to implement and co-ordinate the EESS through consistent legislative requirements across the States and Territories of Australia for the regulation of household electrical equipment;
  • to facilitate improved coordination between electrical equipment safety regulators for the interpretation and application of electrical safety requirements, the approach to investigations and enforcement activity (e.g. check testing, recalls, prohibitions or cancellations of registrations or certifications), and the associated information sharing related to these activities;
  • to coordinate the continued adoption of a unified and consistent system of certification and registration requirements (including the adoption of requirements as published in the Uniform Equipment Safety Rules and a single regulatory compliance certification mark) for household electrical equipment and businesses that manufacture, import and supply such equipment;
  • to manage the collection and distribution of registration fees to fund the administration, maintenance and hosting of the centralised database and assist with the resourcing of related market surveillance and enforcement activities.

Currently, Ministers from Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania have signed the Intergovernmental Agreement for the Electrical Equipment Safety System (IGA):

Below are copies of the signed IGA documents for each participating jurisdiction:

QLD – signed IGA

VIC – signed IGA

WA – signed IGA

TAS – signed IGA