Authorised Representative

Authorised Representative – a person or organisation that has written permission to act for and on behalf of the Responsible Supplier.

NOTE: The Authorised Representative may be a facilitator, consultant, agent or a Certifier.

Once the Registered Responsible Supplier has made their Responsible Supplier Declaration in the EESS Registration Database, they can also make equipment registrations and corresponding declarations. Alternatively they may wish to have other people conduct the equipment registrations and declarations on their behalf. To do this they would set up an Authorised Representative to act for them.

An Authorised Representative may be another person within the company (for example a technical compliance officer) or they may be a consultant or certifier acting for the company.

A Registered Responsible Supplier can have multiple Authorised Representatives. They can have several Authorised Representatives from within their own company or several certifiers or consultants as Authorised Representatives or a combination of people from within their own company and consultants or certifiers as Authorised Representatives.

Companies that have more than one person they want to be able to input and register the equipment details (or have different people in different divisions for different product lines) could have these staff listed as Authorised Representatives so they can register the relevant Level 2 and Level 3 equipment and brand and type (and voluntarily model number) for the Level 1 equipment.


See the Registration Applicant Guide for information on how to become or engage an Authorised Representative.